Aug 01, 2022

Main Capital and healthcare innovator Avinty enter strategic partnership

Main Capital Partners announced today that it has acquired a majority stake in Avinty, a leading provider of software solutions for healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals. The partnership with Main represents a new step in the development of Avinty, providing strength to continue innovating as a partner of healthcare.

Avinty, based in Oldenzaal, Veenendaal and Utrecht, has been active in the healthcare sector for over 25 years, developing innovative software that improves primary and secondary processes within healthcare institutions, facilitating collaboration between stakeholders and thus increasing the quality of healthcare. In co-creation with healthcare institutions, Avinty develops and implements electronic patient records (EPDs) and eHealth solutions, complemented by innovative data analysis tools and user-friendly mobile applications. These solutions optimize communication, planning and work processes, reduce administrative burdens and safeguard compliance with laws and regulations. This enables Avinty healthcare professionals to provide high quality care while the client gains control.

Avinty provides its software to more than 400 customers in the mental health (GGZ), rehabilitation, youth and disability care in the Netherlands and Belgium. Every day, more than 65,000 healthcare professionals use the software. Thanks to consistent product innovation and in-depth professional knowledge, Avinty is well positioned to respond to the increasing demand for quality and reduction of administrative burdens.

Innovation and growth are key

Supported by Main’s expertise as a strategic partner for software companies, Avinty can further develop its product portfolio and deliver added value to its customers. In addition, Avinty and Main will jointly focus on realizing an accelerated growth trajectory through the further roll-out of new products, entering new healthcare segments and the execution of strategic add-on acquisitions aimed at deepening and broadening the product offering.

Onno Verstegen, Chief Executive Offer of Avinty: “Avinty develops smart software that optimally supports healthcare. We always do this with the interests of the client and patient at heart, so that the healthcare professional can excel at their jobs. We are proud of the results of Avinty, which was established in 2016 by combining several specialized healthcare software providers. During the past years, the group of entrepreneurs behind Avinty has further expanded its ecosystem and made a difference in the Dutch healthcare and ICT landscape. The results achieved will be continued through our partnership with Main Capital Partners. We are convinced that Main, with its specialist experience in the software market and in healthcare, is the right partner for the successful further development of our ecosystem.”

For Main, the partnership with Avinty represents a strategic move into the healthcare software market. Sjoerd Aarts, Senior Investment Manager at Main Capital Partners: “Healthcare is a market with an increasing need for efficient and consistent quality improvement. Digitization offers a concrete solution to this problem that increases both quality and efficiency. Avinty is active with high-quality software solutions that support the care process, freeing up time for care providers, providing better care to patients and reducing cost pressure. Partly due to the increasing demand for care in combination with rising costs, optimization of these processes will become increasingly important in the future. Avinty has a very experienced and passionate management team and we are delighted to assist them as a strategic partner in the further development of the company.”


Avinty was founded in 1994 as Impulse Info Systems. In 2016, Gilde Equity Management acquired a majority stake and brought together different innovative healthcare software providers Karify, Jouw Omgeving, Impulse, VIR e-care solutions, NederCare and AppNormal. Through an innovation-oriented strategy, Gilde together with the new management team expanded the product portfolio of Avinty in recent years to include a broader, vertical EHR offering, complemented by eHealth solutions and mobile health apps. This strategy supports the philosophy of creating an ecosystem of leading software solutions for healthcare organizations. Today, Avinty has 4 offices in the Netherlands, a software development center in Hungary and 242 employees.

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