Gilde has been investing in
borderless entrepreneurship since 1982.

This is where we come from.

Gilde has been a pioneer in private equity since 1982. Our founders showed the Netherlands how companies with potential could benefit from private equity and flourish in their respective markets. Since 1996, as Gilde Equity Management, we’ve been investing in mid-sized and large enterprises that are rooted in the Benelux and have international aspirations. We are energized by enabling promising companies to exploit their potential and become leaders in their fields. Our investments have taken us all over the world, enabling us to build up a unique network that helps every enterprise we work with forward.

This is our promise.

We embrace companies with the right potential and help them conquer the world. From a position of genuine commitment, we invest in the product or service, process, distribution, software or marketing ... In fact, in anything and everything that makes a company stand-out in its market. Above all, we invest in the team. The right people in the right places, at the head and at the heart of the company. Working together, we take entrepreneurship to the highest level.

We love working with people who grasp opportunities
with both hands. People who want to win. People like us.
If any of the following situations apply to you, then let’s talk:

Business Succession.

You want to grow your family business, inside or outside the family.


You want to take over a company or a business unit and expand it independently.


You want to take your company to the next level - and then beyond.

This is how we work together.

We play the appropriate role.

As team players, we continuously adapt our role to what’s needed. Sometimes we’ll follow the play from the stand, sometimes we’ll coach it from the touchline, and other times we feed that vital through pass. This natural style of collaboration energizes the team and stimulates everyone to get the best out of themselves.

We bring out the entrepreneur in you.

We enjoy working with spirited leaders who can identify and seize opportunities. We collectively build a culture in which people want to improve every day, allowing talent to flourish, bringing quality to the fore and making growth a team achievement.

We aim for excellence.

Our perfectionism is often contagious. We always reflect on what went well and what could have been better. This means that no opportunity is lost and we encourage everybody to push their limits. You can expect us to do so, too.

We are your partner for better and worse.

We love to celebrate our achievements together, but we understand it calls for hard work. We are never discouraged, and stand shoulder to shoulder when the going gets tough. Together, we’ll always pull through. This cements our partnership and gives a deeper meaning to success.