Mar 29, 2023

BlueCielo selected as FD Gazelle

The software pioneer was recently included in the “FD Gazelle” list of best-performing companies in The Netherlands, ranking 15th in the category of medium-sized companies in the province of Zuid-Holland.

The title of “FD Gazelle” is awarded by the Financieel Dagblad (a Dutch financial and economic newspaper) to enterprises that demonstrate more than 20 percent growth, recognizing their excellent performance.

BlueCielo CEO Rainer Puittinnen shared his thoughts on why BlueCielo was able to return such a good result: “This achievement is due to the great team we have at BlueCielo. We have talented employees around the world who work hard to help us succeed and a global partner network which supports our customers all the way, in their regions. We are focused on a customer-intimacy strategy which means we really look at the lifetime value of customers rather than short-term gains."

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