Jun 07, 2013

No personal injuries and bakery largely saved in fire at Pré Pain

Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, 5 June 2013

A fire broke out in one of the Pré Pain bakery production halls in Oldenzaal at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. The emergency plan was put into action straightaway and the fire brigade was alerted immediately. The production hall was evacuated and as a result there were no personal injuries.

The fire started in one of the shock freezers and the damage has been limited thanks to the effective operation of the fire separation zones and the professional response of the fire brigade. The actual damage is being assessed. Pré Pain CEO Maurice Hansté expects that most damages can be repaired but that two of the ten production lines have suffered irreparable damage. It is expected that deliveries towards clients will not be in danger, if needed with the help of temporary production at third parties.

Customers and suppliers are being kept informed on a continual basis. Every effort is being made

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