Jun 16, 2016

Market leader in EV charging solutions expands to UK & Ireland

LONDON, United Kingdom, May 30, 2016 EV-Box, global market leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, is now expanding its operations to the United Kingdom.

EV-Box UK & Ireland, will be headed by a team with extensive experience in the renewable energy and electric vehicle industries. After the historic 10,496 plug-in cars sales during Q1 of 2016, the company found that the market had reached the right tipping point to expand its operations. The United Kingdom saw the sale of an electric car every 13 minutes in the first quarter of 2016! In total 10,496 plug-in cars hit UK roads during the first three months of the year, with more than 115 EVs sold each day, representing the best period of electric car sales since the Plug-in Car Grant was introduced in January 2011.

United Kingdom requires extensive expertise in EV infrastructure

"A reliable, smart and connected charging infrastructure is crucial in order to support the expected continuous increase of EV adoption in UK & Ireland", says Kevin Pugh, who has joined EV-Box as Business Development Director for both UK & Ireland markets. “We believe this is just the start of a brighter future of electric vehicle hitting the UK & Irish roads and EV-Box has extensive expertise and the best technology to help cities, workplaces, retail and public parking spots to be rightly equipped with the smartest and easiest to use charging infrastructure”. Mr. Pugh joins EV-Box after building up operations and sales excellence at Steinel UK Ltd. Prior to Steinel, Mr. Pugh gained hands on experience in sales, operations management and business strategy at Rexel Energy Solutions, where he held several management positions.

Accelerating sustainable e-mobility

Founded in 2010, EV-Box has created the highest quality, most technically advanced EV charging solutions. Due to this unique, specialized focus on integrated and always-connected technologies, as well as unwavering reliability, EV-Box has continuously developed its offering, having built an end-to-end charging solution, including not only the charging stations, but also the software behind, its own charging cables and different applications to leverage smart charging, all developed in-house.

With the arrival of EV-Box in UK & Ireland, many will benefit from EV-Box' smart technologies, such as load balancing, smart charging and peak shaving. These services offer proof of EV-Box expertise in the EV industry, especially in the Netherlands where it has +50% market share including cities as Amsterdam & Rotterdam.

To support its global expansion, EV-Box has already opened offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris and Brooklyn/NYC. In all cases, EV-Box has focused in building up its charging infrastructure with the help of strategic partners and address specific markets where growing EV drivers will become prevalent.

Expertise in smart charging & interoperability

As the sales of electric vehicles keeps growing, there's higher demand for smarter charging points, capable of not only performing smart charging, but also help businesses, lease companies and EV drivers at home to easily manage all the process of billing, invoicing and charging wherever they go.

We want EV-Box UK & Ireland to be an innovative company, with excellence in building up smart technology with the right partnerships, while always being customer centric. We’ll use our expertise from the different markets and find the best way to support UK & Ireland in building up the best infrastructure for its citizens, cities and businesses., said Kristof Vereenooghe, EV-Box's CEO.

"UK will require strong expertise from players that know how interoperability works, how smart charging is performed and how to easily connect businesses, drivers and even energy companies to facilitate all the existing relationships, billing and invoice. We believe EV-Box has gained such knowledge in the past years, and is setting itself to be the engine behind the sustainable mobility movement". Mr. Vereenooghe added. EV-Box has established its UK & Ireland headquarters in Euston Road, London.

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