EV-Box, founded in Almere in 2009, is a manufacturer of (software for) charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs). EV-Box solutions range from lower capacity home chargers to public high capacity charging stations. In addition to hardware, the company provides cloud-based services that facilitate the operation and efficient maintenance of charging stations. In its first years, EV-Box was active in a Dutch market for EVs that was still in its infancy. However, founder Bram van der Leur was determined and convinced of the future of electric driving, both in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world. After the first successful years, Gilde joined as new shareholder with the ambition to grow EV-Box into the global market leader.

Structural changes and investments in all areas were required in order to achieve this ambition: a substantial expansion of the team, a new headquarter in Amsterdam, international branches in a.o. Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, New York and San Francisco, and a full redesign of the infrastructure and product assortment. Everything with the clear objective of being completely scalable, international and future proof. The result was an unprecedented growth from 10,000 to more than 50,000 charging stations in three years.
EV-Box was internationally recognized as the market leader and most innovative player.

The successful growth of electric driving resulted in record-high investor interest. From venture capital financing in the US to stock exchange listings of much smaller competitors. In addition, strategic parties such as car manufacturers and energy suppliers could no longer ignore the inevitability of electric driving. New electric car brand Tesla achieved a higher (market) valuation than various historical market leaders such as BMW, Ford and Mercedes-Benz. The future is electric driving! Energy specialist ENGIE is one of the largest energy suppliers in the world with a turnover of EUR 60 billion in energy supply, infrastructure and installation services. Strategic discussions about a collaboration resulted in a takeover of EV-Box given the clear synergies and joint ambition to shape the global energy transition. With ENGIE’s gigantic worldwide network, EV-Box would undergo its next growth acceleration. EV-Box today has a turnover of EUR 100 million with more than 85,000 charging stations in more than 1,000 cities and 55 countries worldwide.








Amsterdam, the Netherlands


> EUR 100M