Vialux, originally founded in 2001 and based in Schönborn (Germany), is a producer of high quality reflective glass beads used in horizontal road marking. Vialux's glass beads are used to guide road users in the dark due to the presence of glass beads on its surface reflecting the lights of vehicles. The glass spheres (retro)reflect the headlights of the vehicle to the driver, acting like a mirror. Vialux glass beads are worldwide recognized as the best direct melt glass beads in their class. Vialux operates and owns a production plant of 65,000 square meters in Schönborn (Germany) and employs 25 well motivated employees.
The company exports its high refractive Vialux beads to respected clients in international markets. In 2017, Gilde acquired the Schönborn factory as a carve-out of the Sovitec Group to operate it independently under the Vialux brand name. The Sovitec facilities in Belgium, Spain, Argentina and France were sold to Potters Industries, a US producer of engineered glass materials, in June 2017. In 2018, Vialux joined the Austrian Swarco group to further accelerate growth and technological developments.




Corporate divestiture




Schonborn, Germany


> EUR 10M