Erwin Broer

Senior Financial Controller

Erwin started work as a Senior Financial Controller at Gilde in 2011. Prior to this he worked for ANT Trust. He studied tax law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


+31 30 760 5907


What brought you to Gilde?

Private equity is a dynamic sector that has a distinct impact on society. For me, this makes it a great environment to work in. Gilde’s down-to-earth way of working also appealed to me. The entrepreneur and his or her team remain firmly at the helm, supported by Gilde’s knowledge and network in the background.

Looking back, what gives you the most satisfaction?

I am proud that I was able to set up and play a complete finance role at Gilde.

And what gives you the most satisfaction outside work?

The renovation of our new house, part of which I did myself. I confess that I’d never do it again, but I am very satisfied with the result.