Dec 04, 2013

Gilde and Conclusion - going for growth together

Conclusion has teamed up with Gilde Equity Management in a drive to explore new qualitative and quantitative growth opportunities.

This will mark the start of a new phase allowing the organisation to expand and consolidate its position as the most versatile provider of high-quality business services in the Netherlands.

Gilde will participate in Conclusion as an engaged and involved shareholder, sharing the ambitions of the organization and contributing on a strategic level. In their capacity of shareholders Roelof Bijlsma and Murat Kiran will continue to play an active role in the organisation. Erik Hallers will leave Conclusion, allowing him to focus on opportunities elsewhere.

Roelof Bijlsma: "Growth is in Conclusion's DNA. Not only as far as turnover and personal capital are concerned, but also in terms of the added value we provide to our customers. Underlying our growth are the unique, high-quality solutions that only Conclusion is able to offer. For us, Gilde is the ideal partner. They will allow us to grow, and, more importantly, raise the quality of our services. It also puts us in a position to expand our pool of best-in-class professionals and opens the door to further investments in state-of-the-art knowledge and skills, allowing us to extend our technological lead.

About Conclusion

Conclusion was founded in 1997, and soon established itself as the most versatile service provider in the Dutch market, focusing on Human Capital, Communication, Organization & Technology. The group comprises 30 operating companies, which employ over 1,600 people and collaborate under flexible contracting arrangements. The underlying philosophy: the best solutions result from cooperation.

About Gilde Equity Management Benelux

Gilde Equity Management (GEM) Benelux is an independent private equity firm. The organisation focuses on mid-market companies based in the Benelux, and manages investments totalling EUR 500 million. Gilde has a proven investment track record in the services sector, participating in organisations such as Actief Interim, BlueCielo, Nspyre and PQR. It also participates - or has participated in - Hevea Dunlop, HG, Johma, Kroon-Oil and Pré Pain & Smithuis.

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