Jun 09, 2023

Fa-med attracts Gilde as new shareholder for further growth

Gilde Equity Management Benelux will be the new shareholder of Fa-med. The Dutch billing company bids farewell to current shareholder Waterland after 10 years involvement. The new partner is excited about Fa-med’s vision on the future and the quality of its service offering. Gilde will support the company both strategically and financially in realizing its growth ambitions.

Fa-med was founded in 1988 by the National Association of Specialists and specializes in swiftly and correctly executing financial and administrative processes of healthcare providers. In 2004, Waterland acquired Fa-med from staffing agency USG. In the following years, Fa-med grew both organically and acquisitively through the acquisitions of Kesteren medical factoring (2007), DocCare (2007) and Credios (2009). In recent years the billing company invested heavily in its service offering and modern IT platform.

“At Fa-med we want to continuously lead the way through innovation and growth, on the basis of which our customers – the healthcare providers – are even more capable of exercising their medical profession. Relieved of all billing concerns and with lasting satisfied healthcare consumers.” says CEO Henk de Jong. With Gilde Equity Management Benelux as new shareholder, Fa-med once again attracts a financially strong partner that can enable such growth ambitions. Nothing changes for customers and employees, except that the impulse is expected to trigger further growth of the portfolio and quality of Fa-med’s service offering over multiple healthcare segments.

About Fa-med

Fa-med offers a wide variety of outsourcing activities, including invoicing, split-billing, pre-financing, factoring and debt collection. Care providers are as such offered the opportunity to outsource a substantial part of their administrative workload, cash flow management and debtor risks, enabling them to focus on their core activities and to free time to treat healthcare consumers. The company supports various types of healthcare providers including dentists, opticians, veterinarians, doctors and pharmacists.

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