Jul 03, 2024

HC Groep and Swegon join forces!

With the acquisition of HC Groep, Swegon re-enters the Netherlands, where HC Groep is recognized as the market leader in the area of indoor climate technology. HC Groep comprises 10 different business labels with locations in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Together, these companies provide products, systems and services that ensure an optimal indoor climate, including the necessary building automation. All companies belonging to HC Groep are included in the acquisition by Swegon. This strengthens the Swedish company’s international position in climate technology.

“I am glad to welcome HC Groep to the Swegon family. HC Groep has, in addition to an extensive range of products and services, relevant commercial relationships throughout the value chain in the Dutch market, one of the most progressive markets when it comes to sustainable buildings. HC Groep is engaged in both new build and renovation projects and we are glad to have partnered with such an accomplished leader in this field,” says Andreas Örje Wellstam, CEO at Swegon Group. He continues, “The strong and well-reputed brands of HC Groep in combination with their effective and entrepreneurial spirit, will be a great asset to the Swegon family.”

Ron van Kan, Co-CEO at HC Groep, is very positive about the acquisition: “We welcome Swegon to the Netherlands and to HC Groep. With over three decades of experience, we will continue to create living and working environments in which we put people’s well-being first.”

Jos van Gelder, Co-CEO at HC Groep: “We are very grateful for our valuable years with Gilde and now look forward to taking the next steps. Together with Swegon, we are committed to continue investing in our operations and services, and in our position as a frontrunner of sustainable building solutions. Swegon’s excellent international network will be beneficial for HC Groep’s long-term growth.”

Eschwin Hetzenauer, Senior Partner at Gilde Equity Management: “Our partnership with HC Groep has resulted in an incredible journey. We are very proud of the successes we have achieved together and the development of HC Groep into a true champion in indoor climate technology. It was a privilege working with everybody at HC Groep.”

HC Groep will continue to operate in the Dutch market under its own name and current leadership. Founded in 1995, the company now has 386 employees, who together achieved a net sales amounted to EUR 106.4 million in 2023.

About Swegon

Swegon Group AB, owned by Investment AB Latour, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, is a market leading supplier in the field of indoor environment, offering solutions for ventilation, heating, cooling and climate optimisation, as well as connected services and expert technical support. Swegon has subsidiaries in and distributors all over the world and 21 production plants in Europe, North America and India. The company employs more than 3.000 people and in 2023 had a turnover of 8 billion SEK.

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