Nov 19, 2010

Johma Sandwiches joins forces with Convenience Foods Europe

The merger of CFE and Johma Sandwiches is expected to yield significant benefits, particularly given the close match in their respective customer segments and product categories. Apart from offering a broader product range, the new combination will benefit from accelerated product development through knowledge sharing and economies of scale. The availability of two production sites will help improve distribution efficiency and production reliability.

The new combination is ideally positioned to develop the West European market for freshly packed sandwiches. In addition to targeting organic growth, the organisation will not ignore viable acquisition opportunities.

The disposal of its sandwich operations allows Johma Signature to focus exclusively on its spreadable salads business.

Details of the acquisition price are not disclosed. The transaction, which will be finalised within the next two weeks, is not expected to impact the existing workforce or production facilities.

Voor meer informatie:

Citigate First Financial B.V
Wouter Van de Putte
020 575 40 80
Frank Jansen
020 575 40 24

Convenience Foods Europe B.V.
Wiebe Visser
0493 34 87 10

Johma Signature B.V.
Erik Bras
053 5373530

Over CFE:

CFE was formed in 2010 and incorporates the European operations of Greencore Group PLC. CFE is a private label manufacturer of freshly made pizza products, sauces, pre-packed meals, filled rolls and sandwiches. The organisation focuses on the Benelux and is owned by Parcom Capital.

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