Apr 02, 2014

Herbs & spices specialist ISFI NV attracts new capital for growth

Today was the official announcement of the acquisition of ISFI NV (International Spice and Food Import) by its management - including the son of the founder Anne-Marie Stevens - together with entrepreneur Davy De Muyer.

The team is supported by Gilde Equity Management (GEM) Benelux, which previously also participated together with Mr. De Muyer in the acquisition of the Belgium market leader in spreadable salads, Hamal Signature.

As of today, ISFI NV will be managed by Davy De Muyer as CEO who, together with the incumbent management, will continue to grow the business based on the already solid fundaments build over the past years.

Davy De Muyer: "We will further strengthen our competitive position, both at home and abroad, through a strong dedication to constant quality and by introducing attractive concepts. We will continue, if not improve on, the high level of service for which ISFI is known."

In recent years, ISFI NV has invested significantly in modern production facilities and is now ready for a new phase of growth during which the customer, quality and R&D will be the central theme. The new shareholders have a high ambition for growth, which may also be driven by selective partnerships and/or acquisitions.


ISFI NV was founded in 1982 and selects, blends and packages high quality spices to cater to consumer trends and tastes. The company has a strong dedication to (superior) quality and retail private label. Its products can be found in nearly every Belgium supermarket and in many other countries around the world.

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