May 28, 2019

Schellevis partners with Gilde Equity Management

Dussen – Schellevis, the leading producer of concrete landscaping elements and horticulture products, welcomes Gilde Equity Management ( GEM ) Benelux as a new shareholder.

"We are proud to say that we are one of the leading producers of high-end concrete landscaping elements. We have achieved this position due to the unique character of our products created by our specific production process in combination with the use of the right materials.", says Peter (“Piet”) van Vugt, CEO and owner of Schellevis. "We are delighted that a renowned investor such as Gilde supports Schellevis in the next phase of its development. With Gilde on board we have the financial capacity to invest in accelerated international growth and to expand our product range."

Schellevis is a well-known player in the market for landscaping elements. The company's products are very popular with gardeners and landscape architects. This is a/o due to the natural "basaltlava-like" look of the products and the wide product portfolio of the company, which enables gardeners and landscape architects to consistently design gardens. Apart from getting its inspiration from the environment, the company is also constantly focused on sustainability in its manufacturing process. A combination of these factors has led to a high demand for Schellevis products in the Netherlands and aroused interest from neighboring countries such as Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

“Gilde has been looking at Schellevis' market position and growth for some time and has a lot of respect for what the company has accomplished so far: the strong development that Schellevis has undergone in the Netherlands in recent years is now being replicated in Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom. With the experience obtained in the Dutch market, Schellevis is ready to accelerate international growth, which will be realized through a/o investments in sales and marketing and through the opening of a production location in one of the neighboring countries to better serve international customers. To facilitate the current growth, Schellevis has recently expanded its production facility in Dussen as well." says Gerhard Nordemann, managing partner of Gilde Equity Management. "This transaction offers us the opportunity to support this very promising company in further international expansion."

About Schellevis

With its products, Schellevis has gained a strong position among installers and garden and landscape architects. The company's products are predominantly used for gardens, but can be found in public places such as parks and squares as well. In addition, the company also produces concrete products for the horticultural sector. Schellevis produces all products at its production location in Dussen. The company’s customers are mainly distributors and wholesalers who can choose to collect the products at the Dussen location themselves or let Schellevis arrange the transportation. The majority of Schellevis’ turnover is generated in the Netherlands. In addition, the company also acquired a strong position in the German and Belgian market in recent years and noticed that there is a strong demand for its products from the United Kingdom.

About Gilde Equity Management

Gilde Equity Management (GEM) Benelux is an independent private equity firm with EUR 1 billion of assets under management. Since its foundation in the mid-90s, Gilde has been one of the leading investors in the SME market in the Benelux and has successfully achieved international growth with many of its (former) portfolio companies. Examples of GEM Benelux’ investments are Wasco, a technical wholesaler in the field of HVAC and sanitary equipment; Eiffel, a specialized consultancy firm in the field of legal, finance and process; Conteyor, an international player in reusable packaging solutions for the automotive industry; and Leen Bakker, a discount retailer in the Dutch and Belgian home furnishing and decoration sector; For more information, please visit our website

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