May 26, 2021

Wine entrepreneurs Thomas Luberti and Frits van der Bijl join e-Luscious

Thomas Luberti and Frits van der Bijl - owners of and Expertwijn - will join e-Luscious per 1 June as Director Business Development and Business Development Manager. This acquisition fits in well with the greater ambition of e-Luscious to combine unique and personal customer journeys with a mass scale ecommerce approach.

Bart Kuppens: “We are delighted that Thomas and Frits have joined us. Both and Expert wines have a lot of growth potential. Thomas and Frits have combined a unique combination of entrepreneurship, start-up experience, wine passion, ecommerce expertise and good leadership into profitable customer propositions. And we can simply never have enough of people who also combine that with great ambition and a positive view of the world within e-Luscious!

The team will focus on growing 3 major elements in the e-Luscious strategy:
1) expanding the recently concluded Tubes partnership
2) develop and implement loyalty programs
3) the development of unique barrel initiatives

Thomas Luberti: “With Koop een Vat and our other propositions we are looking for digital ways to connect wine lovers to beautiful wine, the makers and their story. This fits perfectly with the ambition of e-Luscious and I look forward to further developing the propositions of the future, with even more impact, together. After various marketing and sales roles at large companies and brands, always combined with (wine) entrepreneurship, this is an opportunity that I could not pass up.

Frits van der Bijl: “As an entrepreneur I am very happy and proud that we can join e-Luscious. Two of my great passions, wine and e-commerce, come together here. By joining e-Luscious we can realize our joint ambitions even better.

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