Adam Prusa

Business Analyst

Adam joined Gilde in 2021. Prior to this, he worked as a data analyst and product manager at a FinTech start-up, with a focus on private equity, and did internships at Opportunity Partners and Accenture. Adam studied Economics & Business Economics at Utrecht University and Finance & Investments at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.


+31 30 760 5910


What brought you to private equity?
From a young age, I found entrepreneurial stories and the elements responsible for their success very interesting. What is it that makes a business successful, how does a business overcome difficulties, and what differentiates a company from the rest of the market? Private equity offers a dynamic environment, where you get to help businesses translate these questions into business decisions. Working on a different set of problems on a daily basis with a team that complements each other makes private equity the best work environment for me.
What is it about Gilde that appealed to you?
It must be the combination of in-house talent and the focus on entrepreneurship that everyone at Gilde has. Over the last three decades, Gilde has built a unique track record, largely due to the way the team functions, both internally as well as with portfolio companies. This is something that resonated with me from the beginning.
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