Hent van Heusden

Investment Manager

Hent joined Gilde in 2018, before which he did internships at Aegon Asset Management, ING and Nomura. He studied at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he followed a master’s in financial economics. As a student, Hent also participated in a consultancy project in Brazil and worked for Robeco.


+31 30 760 5917


What brought you to private equity?
I think it’s one of the most educational environments you can work in. There is nowhere else that you can experience such diversity. You learn exactly what to look for when investing in companies and all about the workings of different markets. You also enjoy regular contact with the managers of portfolio companies and everything that’s involved in the acquisition of a company. At Gilde you are part of a highly diverse team, one in which everybody has their own opinion about what makes an investment a good one. For me, that makes it even more interesting.
Looking back, what gives you the most satisfaction?
During the acquisition of Wasco, the members of our team complemented each other perfectly, which really paid off. Hard work in itself doesn’t guarantee success, so getting the job done as a team makes you really proud.
What do you admire most in entrepreneurs?
Their unshakeable belief in the eventual success of their product or service. And the risks they are prepared to take to realize their ambitions.
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