Fruity Line Growing across Europe with healthy benefits.

Mark Bruijn, director since 2008: "We started with the production of fruit salads, some customers also asked for healthy juices. We intended to fulfill this demand in the best possible way."

"Using high-pressure technology allowed us to make fresh juices with a shelf-life of up to 30 days, without compromising on taste or nutritional value, so in 2008 we were the first large-scale player in Europe to produce cold-pressed HPP juices. We identified clear opportunities for our juices as aconvenience product for people to enjoy and get their daily intake of vitamins. Then, in 2013, we sold the fruit salad business and focused all our energy on being a fresh juice specialist. That focus significantly accelerated our growth."

Ahead of the market.

"Our growth has been ahead of that of the market, not just with fruit juices but with vegetable juices too, which were truly innovative. This growth meant having to invest in the future, in machinery, procurement and human resources. But we also had to do a lot of selling. Our product was clearly better, but it was also more expensive than what supermarkets were accustomed to. Luckily for us, consumers are willing to pay for quality and this has

made us one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands. But a position like this obliges you to remain at the forefront and take the next step, in terms of capacity and as an organization. Gilde came on board in 2016. With plenty of experience in food and international growth, it was immediately evident that we were all reading from the same page, and there was excellent chemistry between us too."

“Back in 2008 supermarkets had no interest in cold-pressed juices. Now they are the future.”

Mark Bruijn, CEO Fruity Line

Keeping up with the potential.

"Our biggest challenge nowadays is keeping up with the obvious potential. Anyone looking to sell cold-pressed juices in Europe soon comes knocking on our door. We supply some 450 products, from standard juices to ginger shots - you name it, we’ll make it. Thanks to Gilde we have been able to make advance investments in machinery, stock and people. And, having professionalized our organization, we have also acquired several of our competitors in Europe. It’s very reassuring to know that someone with expert knowledge is thinking along with you every step of the way."

The sky's the limit.

"In terms of popularity, juice concentrates are quickly losing ground, while our fresh products are forging ahead. I am very proud of the fact that we still produce our juices with the same degree of passion as before. But then again, they are wonderful products: pure, tasty and healthy. During the past 10 years, we have grown organically into the market leader in Europe, a growth market that has just started to gain momentum. If we remain a good partner for our customers and keep close tabs on quality, innovation, marketing and shelf positioning, the sky really is the limit. Globally."

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HPP capacity for cold pressed juices in the world


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