Daniel Winkelman

Senior Partner

Before joining Gilde in 2006, Daniel worked for OC&C, AkzoNobel and AlpInvest. He studied biomedical sciences and psychology at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and the Thomas Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia USA and rounded off the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program in 2006.


+31 30 760 5904


What brought you to private equity?

After completing my studies biomedical sciences and psychology, I gained working experience at a top-notch strategy consultant and as a management trainee in a corporate environment. Based on that experience, and after completing the CFA program, I went to work in private equity. This proved to be an excellent choice. It has all the dynamics of being a strategy consultant and, as a shareholder, you are also very closely involved with the business world. Above all, however, it revolves around the human aspect. And that’s the best thing about it.

And why with Gilde?

At AlpInvest, I was part of the successful direct investments team. In 2006, I moved to Gilde. I opted for Gilde on the strength of its excellent reputation on the one hand, but mainly because of the obvious personal chemistry. The move was quickly cemented after a cup of coffee, and I have no regrets whatsoever.

What do you admire in entrepreneurs?

The risks that they take. Not the clear route of a mapped-out career path, but making a different choice than the rest. Victory always looks easy from the finish line, but there are so many pitfalls to avoid and setbacks to overcome before you get there. It’s often much easier to make good plans than it is to implement them and get people onside. Then you can add to this the responsibility they shoulder for the company’s employees and their families, who all rely on the company for their daily bread.

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